About Us

What is Scouting?

Scouting offers the great outdoors of camping, hiking and wildlife; it fosters leadership and team work in every member; it provides young men with the potential for life-long friendships; the opportunities for achievement, advancement and learning; the tools to make the most of your family, community and the nation; and the experiences and duties that help develop mature young men.  Adventure, learning, challenge, responsibility and FUN are the promises of Scouting.

Who is Cedarburg Boy Scout Troop 835?

Scouting is not just about the boys. In Troop 835, you’ll get to know families who believe:

  • that boys should love the outdoors
  • that boys need adventures
  • in respect for the environment
  • that adults teach best by example
  • that service to others should be encouraged
  • in respecting all religious beliefs
  • in a healthy love of country
  • that leadership is a vital skill

Cedarburg Troop 835 is sponsored by the Peter Wollner American Legion Post 288.  The post is granted a charter by the Bay Lakes Council of the Boy Scouts of America on a yearly basis.  The Bay Lakes Council offices are located in Appleton.  The Bay Lakes covers the eastern part of Wisconsin from the UP to Ozaukee county.  Troop 835 is part of the Kettle Country District which includes Washington, Ozaukee, and Dodge counties.

Troop 835 is of, by and for the young men it serves.  The scouts in the troop are divided into patrols which are building blocks of the troop.  Each patrol has eight to ten scouts.  The scouts in Troop 835 patrols are the same age.  The patrol elects a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader that represent them at the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC) which is responsible for all communication within the patrol.  The patrol works together toward advancement.  In Troop 835, all incoming Webelos will be in the same patrol.

The whole troop elects a Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) who appoints an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.  These are traditionally older scouts that are charged with running the troop.  They also have much help from the Patrol Leaders and the adult leaders of the troop.

The administrative, management, and fiscal duties of the troop are handled by the Troop Committee.  This is a group of involved parents of scouts who volunteer their time and talents to specific positions such as Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Charter Representative, and Advancement Coordinator.

Adult Leadership in the troop includes a Scoutmaster, many Assistant Scoutmasters, and many parents who share their talents for the advancement of the troop.  The troop has regularly scheduled meetings, camping trips, and other special events that are supervised by "Two Deep" adult leadership.